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The conventional CDs we’ve been using so far have been round and have become boring in our fast moving lives. It’s time to move on. So here’s something new, something exciting to spice up your lives!

We can convert your CD content into a CD-ROM that's creatively shaped for show-stopping power. We can produce any shape you'd like you're only limited by your imagination. These discs hold from 10 MB to 400 MB of data depending on the shape and size. Choose one of the designs on this page or let us design a custom shape especially for you.

Note: Cutting any CD will decrease the amount of data i.e. music, audio, video, MB of information, etc. that the disc can hold. Some shapes may not be suitable for maximum performance. It's important that your shaped disc fits in a CD-ROM tray and is evenly balanced. In rare instances, custom-shaped CDs may be noisier than conventional CDs when played in high-speed CD-ROM drives. This does not affect the functionality of the CDs and varies with the CD size, shape, and drive speed.

Get you shape in blank media to having capacity of 50 MB/6 min.
For example:


Your Blank Media      

Your final Shape Cdr's

Shape as you desire


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Turn your company's catalogs and brochures
Interactive CD-ROM's.

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